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PMC T-Kernel 3.0 Evaluation Kit NEW  Scheduled for release in March 2022

The first multi-core supported T-Kernel that complies with μT-Kernel 3.0 and IEEE 2050-2018 specifications.

  • You can immediately run the software on NXP i.MX7 Dual SABRE evaluation board.
  • In addition to SMP T-Kernel, middleware and device drivers are provided.


µT-Kernel 3.0 Education & Training Package       Supporting μt-Kernel 3.0

A set of teaching materials to master the development of embedded devices with "IEEE 2050-2018", the global standard OS specification for IoT edge nodes.

µT-Kernel 3.0 Education & Training Package

µT-Kernel 3.0 Education & Training Package


Standard Price(Tax included)
Package for 10-person classroom   1,028,500 yen
  • The package for a 10-person classroom comes with 11 boards and software, plus one for the instructor.
  • We can provide estimates for other numbers of people and units. The room can also be used for self-study by one person or for small group study sessions. Please feel free to contact us.

µT-Kernel 3.0 Reference Kit                               Supporting μt-Kernel 3.0

T-Kernel 2.0 Reference Kit

Development/Evaluation Board with the Latest RTOS
“μT-Kernel 3.0”

「μT-Kernel 3.0リファレンスキット」のシステム構成図

  • “µT-Kernel 3.0” is the real-time OS that is compliant with “IEEE 2050™-2018”, specifications for the global standard OS for IoT edge nodes.
  • This kit includes the execution board for µT-Kernel 3.0, middleware(e.g. TCP/IP), device drivers, and evelopment environment (SDK). You can promptly start the programming of µT-Kernel 3.0 based system.
  • The hardware features various I/O devices(*1) such as WVGA-sized (800×480 dots) LCD with Touch Panel, LAN, USB 2.0, UART(Serial), GPIO, microSD card, eMMC, sound, HLS(High-speed Link System), chip LED, PUSH switch, illuminance sensor, temperature sensor and camera(optional product).
  • This kit is suitable for the customers, not only in Japan, but worldwide, since English versions of software and documents are also attached to the kit.

(*1) Regarding some I/O devices such as Sound, device drivers are not included.



Standard Price(Tax included)
93,500 yen

PMC T-Kernel for EC-Master                                Supporting μt-Kernel 3.0

  • EtherCAT Master Stack "EC-Master" from acontis technologies, Germany runs on PMC T-Kernel.
  • Applicable to various applications in the field of factory automation, such as robots, motion control, manufacturing equipment, data acquisition devices, and data measurement devices.


T-Kernel 2/x86 Evaluation Kit                          Supporting t-Kernel 2.0

T-Kernel 2/x86 Development Kit

What is T-Kernel 2/x86 Evaluation Kit?

"T-Kernel 2/x86 Evaluation Kit" is an evaluation package for embedded systems based on "PMC T-Kernel 2/x86", a RTOS for x86 Platform. This product runs on PC/AT compatible boards with x86 CPUs including Intel Atom Processor. You can use peripheral devices designed for PC/AT compatible machines. This kit is also used for teaching materials, because you can advance development and debugging of embedded software with the emulator software on a single PC.

The package includes all the software for development of high-performance embedded products, such as PMC T-Kernel 2/x86(RTOS), PMC T-Kernel Extension, middleware(e.g. TCP/IP manager), device drivers, development environment. In addition, GUI based integrated development environment, "Eclipse" is available.

Features of T-Kernel 2/x86 Evaluation Kit
  • You can use "PMC T-Kernel 2/x86"(a real-time OS for x86 platform), middleware and device drivers for T-Kernel on a variety of high-performance PC/AT compatible embedded boards.
  • If you are a user of PC/AT compatible board with Windows or Linux, T-Kernel can be added as a new option. T-Kernel is a compact and high-performance RTOS, with lots of middleware and device drivers for embedded systems. You will find the best solution depending on your intended use.
  • There are many kinds of extension boards and peripheral devices designed for PC/AT compatible machines in the market. You can use these ready-made hardware for T-Kernel based systems.
  • You can develop and debug embedded software on T-Kernel with the emulator software on a single PC. This kit is also used for teaching materials of RTOS or T-Kernel, because you can easily establish T-Kernel execution environment on Windows.
  • If you are interested in this product, get a free tutorial "Getting Started with T-Kernel 2/x86". You can download a free tutorial on getting started with "T-Kernel 2/x86 Evaluation Kit". It covers from the installation to the execution of sample programs.



Brochure and Price

Brochure Standard Price(Tax included)
T-Kernel 2/x86 Evaluation Kit pdficon 99,000 yen
PMC T-Kernel2/x86 pdficon

Smart IoT Controller                                         Supporting μt-Kernel 3.0

We quickly provide a contactless solution for the COVID-19 era.


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