T-Engine Appliance

T2 & microT2 Reference Kit                               Supporting t-Kernel 2.0

T-Kernel 2.0 Reference Kit

Features of T2 & microT2 Reference Kit
  • This kit is the high-performance and high-functioning embedded board with "T-Kernel 2.0", the next generation real-time OS for embedded systems. This kit also includes various middleware and device drivers for T-Kernel, development environment, technical documents. The hardware and software for the development of embedded devices are provided as all-in-one package.
  • T-Kernel 2.0 provided by T-Engine forum as an open source software runs on the board with no change.
  • The hardware features various I/O devices(*1) such as WVGA-sized (800×480 dots) LCD with Touch Panel, LAN, USB 2.0, UART(Serial), GPIO, microSD card, eMMC, sound, HLS(High-speed Link System), chip LED, PUSH switch, illuminance sensor, temperature sensor and camera(optional product).
  • You can easily develop various GUI based applications, because the kit includes "PMC T-Kernel Extension" for File Management and Process Management, TCP/IP for network communications, GUI middleware "PMC T-Shell" and Visual language "Micro Script". As an optional, GUI libraries of "Qt" are available, too(*2).
  • This kit is suitable for the customers, not only in Japan, but worldwide, since English versions of software and documents are also attached to the kit.

(*1) Regarding some I/O devices such as Sound, device drivers are not included.
(*2) As for the release date of "Qt", please contact our sales division.




Standard Price(Tax not included)
85,000 yen Request for Quotation

T-Kernel 2/x86 Evaluation Kit                          Supporting t-Kernel 2.0

T-Kernel 2/x86 Development Kit

What is T-Kernel 2/x86 Evaluation Kit?

"T-Kernel 2/x86 Evaluation Kit" is an evaluation package for embedded systems based on "PMC T-Kernel 2/x86", a RTOS for x86 Platform. This product runs on PC/AT compatible boards with x86 CPUs including Intel Atom Processor. You can use peripheral devices designed for PC/AT compatible machines. This kit is also used for teaching materials, because you can advance development and debugging of embedded software with the emulator software on a single PC.

The package includes all the software for development of high-performance embedded products, such as PMC T-Kernel 2/x86(RTOS), PMC T-Kernel Extension, middleware(e.g. TCP/IP manager), device drivers, development environment. In addition, GUI based integrated development environment, "Eclipse" is available.

Features of T-Kernel 2/x86 Evaluation Kit
  • You can use "PMC T-Kernel 2/x86"(a real-time OS for x86 platform), middleware and device drivers for T-Kernel on a variety of high-performance PC/AT compatible embedded boards. You have more choices of hardware for your T-Engine appliances.
  • If you are a user of PC/AT compatible board with Windows or Linux, T-Kernel can be added as a new option. T-Kernel is a compact and high-performance RTOS, with lots of middleware and device drivers for embedded systems. You will find the best solution depending on your intended use.
  • There are many kinds of extension boards and peripheral devices designed for PC/AT compatible machines in the market. You can use these ready-made hardware for T-Kernel based systems.
  • You can develop and debug embedded software on T-Kernel with the emulator software on a single PC. This kit is also used for teaching materials of RTOS or T-Kernel, because you can easily establish T-Kernel execution environment on Windows.
  • If you are interested in this product, get a free tutorial "Getting Started with T-Kernel 2/x86". You can download a free tutorial on getting started with "T-Kernel 2/x86 Evaluation Kit". It covers from the installation to the execution of sample programs.



Brochure and Price

Brochure Standard Price(Tax not included)
T-Kernel 2/x86 Evaluation Kit pdficon 90,000 yen Request for Quotation
PMC T-Kernel2/x86 pdficon



Features of Teamacaron

Macaron-shaped Minimal Computer for Ubiquitous Devices.

  • Teamacaron is the minimal computer for embedded control. By this computer, you can develop embedded devices in a short period of time, which balance embedded real-time control with advanced information processing.
  • In addition to the compact and high-performance RTOS "T-Kernel" and ARM11 Core CPU, Teamacaron includes lots of middleware such as "T-Kernel Extension" for process management and file management, "TCP/IP" for network functions, and "PMC T-Shell" for GUI functions. These middleware easily realize the functions of information OS at the same level as Windows or Linux.
  • Teamacaron Development Kit includes the integrated development environment "Eclipse for PMC T-Kernel". If this product and Windows PC are ready, you can start program development or debugging right away.
  • Taking advantage of small and slim 50-sq-mm semi-open package, it can be embedded in small end products.
  • Using I/O interfaces such as RGB output, LAN, USB, microSD(*) and Serial(2ch), Teamacaron can be used for a device control. You can connect Teamacaron to PC peripherals(e.g. LCD monitor).

(*) Many microSD cards are available on Teamacaron, but there are some exceptions.





Brochure Standard Price(Tax not included)
Teamacaron Development Kit
(Hardware + Software + Development Environment + Documents)
98,000 yen Request for Quotation
Teamacaron Execution Kit
(Hardware + Software License)
58,000 yen

UC (Ubiquitous Communicator)


What is UC?

UC(Ubiquitous Communicator) is the portable information tool which can realize the efficient communications by person and object or person and place in a ubiquitous computing environment.

UC is equipped with ucode tag reader. Therefore UC can be used for a wide variety of applications such as e-commerce, traceability, autonomous transfer support, if you develop software using the attached software materials.

Features of UC
  • UC is the personal terminal for a ubiquitous computing age, equipped with RFID reader and the other advanced functions.
  • A lot of peripheral I/O functions including the built-in camera are available.
  • UC is one of the T-Engine appliances, which OS is T-Kernel. Software for UC are nearly compatible with software for T-Engine.
  • The GUI middleware package "PMC T-Shell" for UC is also available. Using PMC T-Shell, you can save time of developing programs which include a collaboration of UC, peripheral I/O and GUI functions.



UC pdficon[740KB]


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