In pursuit of "Personal Media"

Since its founding in 1980, Personal Media Corporation has consistently pursued the ideal of a computer that is truly useful as Personal Media. As a result, we have developed and commercialized software with highly original technology and foresight. We will keep on trying for developing new products and launching new businesses in pursuit of the tools that are useful to each and every person, that is "Personal Media".

1. Embedded Systems & IoT related business

Embedded Systems & IoT related business

We have been actively participating in the TRON project and have been developing a wide range of businesses from development of the realtime OS "PMC T-Kernel" related products to technical support, from sales to publication.

2. Security products business

Security products business

We develop and sell security-related products, mainly "Disk Shredder", a data erasure software for HDD, SSD, USB flash drive, etc.

3. Super Kanji (Chokanji) related business

Super Kanji (Chokanji) related business

We provide various solutions and products that can handle more than 180,000 kanji and the other characters.

4. Publishing business

Publishing business

We publish technical books on computers and software including TRON and T-Kernel, science and technology books, and general books introducing history and culture.

5. Seminar business

Seminar business

We regularly hold technical seminars on T-Kernel and seminars to introduce our security products.


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  • TRON is an abbreviation of "The Real-time Operating System Nucleus".
  • TRON, T-Engine, T-Monitor, T-Kernel and μT-Kernel are specified terms for computers, and are not product names.
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