How to Connect Compact LCD Monitor to Teamacaron

June 30th, 2010
Applied R&D Division, Personal Media Corporation


The minimal computer for embedded devices, "Teamacaron" has a 15-pin D-sub VGA output, even though its package is small. You can connect a LCD monitor or a projector to Teamacaron with no sweat.

Compact Monitor

In this report, we use the compact analog LCD monitor, "plus one VGA LCD-8000V (by Century Corporation)". This 8-inch-sized monitor has a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. The 15-pin D-sub VGA input is used for a video signal transmission. The USB port is used for a power supply. This monitor was priced at around 13000yen at electronics retail stores in Japan.



Connect the VGA terminal of LCD-8000V to the VGA terminal of Teamacaron by a 15-pin D-sub cable.
Connect the USB cable for a power supply of LCD-8000V to the USB terminal of Teamacaron, then connect the USB cable to the LCD-8000V.
  • It is a recommended way of connection if you'd like to run your demonstration program on Teamacaron and LCD.
  • Please use a USB hub when you connect a USB mouse or a USB keyboard to Teamacaron.
Connect the AC adaptor to Teamacaron.
(For a comparison purpose, a 500-yen coin is placed.)




Cover shot

Cover shot