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Personal Media Corporation has been aggressively supported the TRON project, an open development platform for embedded systems.
We offer assistance in every phase of your product development, from development focusing on the real-time OS "PMC T-Kernel" to technical support, and from sales to publication, through various solutions.
We provide One-Stop Service for T-Kernel, utilizing our advanced technologies and experiences gained from the involvement in TRON projects' history, and the close partnership with business partners.

System diagram with PMC T-Kernel 3.0

System diagram with PMC T-Kernel 3.0

Porting Service of T-Kernel Related Software

We offer porting of our T-Kernel related software to the CPU or hardware designated by customers.

【PMC T-Kernel has already been ported to the following CPUs.】
  ARM   ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex-M3, Cortex-A7, Cortex-A8, etc.
  x86   Intel: Atom, Core, Pentium, Celeron, etc. (and compatibles)
  Other   MIPS, PowerPC, SH, V850, Nios, etc.
  • We can port the software to the other CPUs not listed in the above.

T-Kernel Related Software by Personal Media Corpoartion

We provide you with porting or developing device drivers, middleware, and applications that support T-Kernel.

Middleware GUIGUI  TCP/IPTCP/IP  FileFile  ···
Device Drivers System DiskSystem Disk  SerialSerial  RTCRTC  USBUSB  LANLAN
  ScreenScreen  Touch PanelTouch Panel  ···
Eclipse for PMC T-KernelEclipse for PMC T-Kernel

OpenCV for PMC T-Kernel

Open source image processing middleware

.NET Micro Framework for PMC T-Kernel

Compatible with Visual Studio


I-right®/TK (ITRON Wrapper)

"I-right®/TK"(ITRON Wrapper for T-Kernel) enables a lot of your developed ITRON programs for embedded systems to work with the device drivers and middleware for T-Kernel.

Real-Time OS for IoT edge nodes : μT-Kernel

IoT Edge Node Training Kit/micro:bit μT-Kernel 3.0 RoHS NEW

IoT Edge Node Training Kit/micro:bit

This is a set of educational materials for hands-on training to learn how to operate a real-time OS using micro:bit, an ultra-compact educational computer developed by BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). While actually running example programs on "μT-Kernel 3.0" and micro:bit, students can learn basic technologies of real-time OS and hardware operation, which are important for the development of IoT edge nodes. By gaining experience while programming IoT edge nodes on their own, students can acquire the skills needed to develop various IoT edge nodes that support a wide range of IoT applications from the end.

µT-Kernel 3.0 Reference Kit T-Kernel 2.0 T2EX μT-Kernel 3.0 RoHS

T2&μT2 Reference Kit

This kit is the high-performance and high-functioning embedded board with μT-Kernel 3.0 and T-Kernel 2.0. This kit also includes various middleware and device drivers for T-Kernel, development environment, technical documents.

IoT-Engine iote2 μT-Kernel 2.0 RoHS 


IoT-Engine standard board with low-power consumption Microprocessor and μT-Kernel 2.0.

Real-Time OS for x86 : PMC T-Kernel 2/x86

T-Kernel 2/x86 Evaluation Kit          Want to evaluate

Development/evaluation package runs on PC/AT compatible boards

T-Kernel 2/x86 SDK with License     Want to Adopt for End Product

SDK with license for product commercialization
Unlimited copy licensing for the same project

T-Kernel 2/RTH                                 Want to Have T-Kernel Cooperate with Windows

T-Kernel 2/RTH

You can develop the high-performance and advanced embedded systems on a single controlling PC, by taking advantage of both T-Kernel and Windows

PDF Brochure

  • Products bearing the RoHS mark is a RoHS Directive compliant product.

Real-Time 0S


Reference Books and Related Information


All books and magazines listed below are described in Japanese, published by Personal Media Corporation. Their prices do not include tax.

  • Kisokaramanabu Kumikomi μT-Kernel Programming(Learning from the Basics Embedded μT-Kernel Programming), Ken Sakamura(Ed.), 2,800 yen
    ISBN 978-4-89362-373-7
  • T-Kernel Kumikomi Programming Kyokasho(A Practical Guide to T-Kernel Embedded Programming), Ken Sakamura(Ed.), 4,200 yen
    ISBN 978-4-89362-246-4
  • Jissen TRON Kumikomi Programming(A Practical Guide to T-Kernel Embedded Programming for beginners), Ken Sakamura(Ed.), 3,200 yen
    ISBN 978-4-89362-254-9
  • T-Kernel Standard Handbook (Revised edition), Ken Sakamura(Ed.), 3,800 yen
    ISBN 978-4-89362-229-7
    English Specifications are included as PDF files on CD-ROM.
  • T-Engine (TRONWARE extra edition), 1,600 yen, ISBN 978-4-89362-205-1
  • T-Engine2 (TRONWARE extra edition), 1,600 yen, ISBN 978-4-89362-217-4
  • T-Engine3 (TRONWARE extra edition), 1,600 yen, ISBN 978-4-89362-227-3
  • TRONWARE (TRON bimonthly magazine, scheduled to be continued)
  • μITRON 4.0 Standard Guidebook, Ken Sakamura, 3,200 yen, ISBN 978-4-89362-191-7
  • WideStudio:The Complete Guide, Ken Sakamura, 4,800 yen, ISBN 978-4-89362-219-8

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